What’s the Real Value of Streaming Services? Lisa Occhino Explains in Berklee Today Magazine

Lisa Occhino Berklee Today 1-2016 value of streaming services

Lisa Occhino was asked to write a feature article for the spring 2016 issue of Berklee Today magazine. You can check out the full online version of the article here.

Eavesdrop on a group of musicians talking about streaming, and you’ll probably find that the conversation is primarily about money—specifcally, the paltry sums they’re paid by streaming services (if they’re getting paid at all). It certainly makes sense that this is the crux of the discussion as musicians everywhere try to pick up the pieces of a broken record-business model and build something better. Part of the process, though, is to reexamine the value of streaming services for artists in more comprehensive terms that stretch beyond dollars—or, rather, fractions of pennies as often seems to be the case. Major streaming services like Spotify and Pandora have great potential to help artists turn casual listeners into paying superfans, and they’re finally starting to roll out new platforms and features to make it happen.

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