Lisa Occhino on the UNregular Radio Morning Show

This Thursday at 10am, I’ll be performing live on UNregular Radio, Boston’s biggest online radio station. They’re also going to play a couple tracks from my EP, Discovery, and we’ll be chatting about music, life, and God knows what else.

To tune in, just go to and click on your preferred method of listening (Winamp, iTunes, or RealPlayer).

UNregular Radio is Boston’s biggest online radio station and has ruled the internet airwaves for the past year with thousands of listeners a day and 40 different shows broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. UNregular shows feature daily broadcasts with remarkable radio DJs and in-studio musical performances streaming live bands just like the old Buddy Holly days.

UNregular Radio is just that. We are unregular, unconventional, and uncensored. UNregular Radio is reality radio with straight up talk and a tell-it-like-it-is attitude that you wont find on any terrestrial radio station. Provocative at times, and a little rough around the edges – our diverse programming caters to thousands of listeners each day ranging from blocks of pure music to comedy, relationship discussions, news, sports, and general pop-culture.



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