Lisa Occhino Gives DIY Music Marketing Advice on The Huffington Post

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Matthew Tyson of The Huffington Post:

“Making it” in the music industry has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. These days, with so many online mediums at our fingertips, musicians no longer have to wait to be discovered. They can take charge of their music career and put their music in front of the right people all from behind a computer screen.

The digital revolution has changed the playing field for everybody in every market. The same tactics that turn small-time startups into multi-billion dollar companies can work just as well for local and underground bands trying to reach the next level.

But how exactly can aspiring artists take advantage of these modern marketing methods? Better yet, how can they be sure they’re using them effectively?

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Lisa Occhino, the Managing Editor for Sonicbids–a fantastic company that provides a ton of resources to help up-and-coming bands and solo acts play more shows, market their music, and grow a wider audience. Lisa answered a few questions and gave some great advice on marketing your band in the digital era.

Click here to read the interview on The Huffington Post!

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