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Lisa Occhino's final farewell to Berklee

A Farewell Letter to Berklee

December was my last month at Berklee, so I decided to wrap up my experience in a farewell letter to the college, and especially to The Berklee Groove.

Lisa Occhino in billboard

Lisa Occhino in Billboard Magazine, 8/13

Back in August 2013, I was featured in Billboard magazine for winning first place in the 15th annual John Lennon Scholarship songwriting competition.

I Got My Cake - Lisa Occhino

I Got My Cake: Live From Studio B at Berklee College of Music

Here’s a fun little song I wrote… about cake.

Lisa Occhino + Emily Anderson. Ukuleles. Berklee Bookstore Patio.

Lisa and Emily are finally doing a show together!

Download “I Told You So” for Free

“I Told You So” is now available to download for free on Bandcamp.

Lisa Occhino

“It’s Not Me” Now Available on Bandcamp

Because sometimes a girl’s just gotta rock out on a Hammond organ.

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