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You Will Never Understand - album artwork 500

‘You Will Never Understand’ by Lisa Occhino is Out Now!

This is the first time I’ve officially released a new song since 2010, so this one really means a lot to me.

Lisa Occhino to Speak on Brandeis University’s ‘After the Launch’ Entrepreneurship Panel on 12/3

I’m excited to announce that Brandeis University has invited me to be a panelist at their “After the Launch” entrepreneurship event on December 3, 2014!

lisa occhino songwriterlink boston tech industry news

Lisa Occhino Interviewed in Boston Tech Industry News

Check out my Q&A with Boston Tech Industry News about the inspiration behind SongwriterLink, the startup experience in Boston, and more!

You Will Never Understand - album artwork 500

Award-Winning Song ‘You Will Never Understand’ to Be Officially Released on 12/2/14

“You Will Never Understand” will be available to download or stream from just about any digital music store/service you can think of, including iTunes and Spotify, on December 2, 2014!

Lisa Occhino InTune Monthly

Lisa Occhino Profiled in InTune Monthly (10/14)

I’m so honored to have been profiled in InTune Monthly’s October 2014 issue!

Too Comfortable - Lisa Occhino

It’s My Birthday! Here’s a New Song for You

This is one of those songs that’s been years in the making, and I’m so excited to present the final product to you on my birthday!

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