A Farewell Letter to Berklee

Lisa Occhino, left, and Alyssa McCord, right, at The Groove’s spring 2013 thank you party.

Lisa Occhino (former editor-in-chief), left, and Alyssa McCord (former promotional director), right, at The Berklee Groove’s spring 2013 thank you party.

As you may know, I served as editor-in-chief of The Berklee Groove, Berklee College of Music’s online newspaper, for the majority of my college career. December was my last month at Berklee, so I decided to wrap up my experience in a farewell letter to the college, and especially to The Groove.

You can read that letter here, and I’ve also highlighted a couple of quotes from it below:

This is what working for The Groove looked like for me, just in this past year alone.

This is what working for The Groove looked like for me, just in this past year alone.

“Whenever I think back on my college experience, I realize that it is utterly inseparable fromThe Groove; it’s made up such a significant part of my life from my second semester all the way through to my last semester. And when I think about the most rewarding experiences of not only college, but of my entire life, The Groove has been directly responsible for the overwhelming majority.”

“I’ll never know what course my life would have taken if I hadn’t applied to be a staff writer for The Groove, but I do know with absolute certainty that I would never, ever take back that decision in a billion years.”

“More than anything, I want new, enthusiastic students to be able to experience just how rewarding The Groove can be if you’re dedicated to it, and I know that in order to make room for that to happen, I need to get out of the way.”

The Groove team and the Berklee community have become my second families, and Boston has become my second home. I will forever love this school and this city and all of the wonderful people who fill it.”

Onto the next chapter. 🙂

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